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Andreas Gros, PhD

Besides photography, I have a special interest in data mining, data visualization, socio-economic problems, and the challenges involved in dealing with very large amounts of data. I did a postdoc at NECSI and my background is in systems science, mathematics, computer science, and theoretical ecology.

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The Design of Science: Ten Great Research Graphics in Wired Magazine 



These are my publications. For getting more information and fulltext access, please visit the links provided below.

Working papers
Bertrand, K. Z., Bialik, M., Virdee, K., Gros, A., Bar-Yam, Y.. Sentiment in New York City: A High Resolution Spatial and Temporal View. [fulltext arXiv:1308.5010] [in Science] [in New Scientist]

Gros, A., Gard-Murray, A., Bar-Yam, Y.. Conflict in Yemen: From ethnic fighting to food riots. [fulltext arXiv:1207.5778v1] [in Wired]

Stacey, B.C., Gros, A., Bar-Yam, Y.. Beyond the Mean Field in Host-Pathogen Spatial Ecology. [fulltext arXiv:1110.3845v1]


Rutherford, A., Harmon, D., Werfel, J., Bar-Yam, S., Gard-Murray, A., Gros, A., Xulvi-Brunet, R., Bar-Yam, Y. (2014) Good fences: the importance of setting boundaries for peaceful coexistence. [fulltext PLOS ONE] [fulltext arXiv:1110.1409] [Wired article about it] [in Discover Magazine] [in PhysOrg]

Widener, M.J., Bar-Yam, Y., Gros, A., Metcalf, S., Bar-Yam Y. (2012) Modeling Policy and Agricultural Decisions in Afghanistan. Geo Journal [fulltext arXiv:1111.5351] [publisher’s version]

Poethke, H.J., Gros, A., Hovestadt, T. (2011) The ability of individuals to assess population density influences the evolution of emigration propensity and dispersal distance. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 282 (1), 93-99. [publisher’s version]

Gros, A., Poethke, H.J., Hovestadt, T. (2009) Sex-specific spatio-temporal variability in reproductive success promotes the evolution of sex-biased dispersal. Theoretical Population Biology, 76, 13-18. [fulltext]

Gros, A., Hovestadt, T., & Poethke, H. J. (2008). Evolution of sex-biased dispersal: the role of sex-specific dispersal costs, demographic stochasticity, and inbreeding. Ecological Modelling, 219, 226-233. [fulltext]

Gros, A., Poethke, H. J., & Hovestadt, T. (2006). Evolution of local adaptations in dispersal strategies. Oikos, 114(3), 544-552. [fulltext]

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