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Another shot from Big Sur. When I took this shot we were sheltering behind a rock from the wind and sand that blasted everything around us. This rock looked as if it got blasted quite frequently. This shot is a long exposure of 30 seconds and you can see the softness that the moving grains of sand add to the foreground, a bit like the spraying waves do in the background. I also took some shots at 1/8000s to see if I could freeze it, but the swirling sand still only left blurry traces on the chip. At these speeds the sand gets everywhere: my eyes still hurt from its grinding force and I’m still finding it in my camera bag and my shoes. And no, those aren’t the real colors.

Below you see two people walking by, trying to protect their faces from being sand blasted.[singlepic id=228 w= h= float=center]

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