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Everybody seems to be doing it: the reflection on the past year. So, here is mine: 2012 has been an incredible year.

I know, everybody seems to say so. Somehow we are better at remembering the nice parts and suppressing the bad things. But try as I might, I cannot remember a negative thing about 2012. There have been big changes in our lives, but they were good changes. Some of these are reflected in my favorite images of 2012, which you can find on my new Favorites page.

We moved out of our apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts, and put all our things into storage. We spent two months traveling Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, visiting family and friends. We worked there with amazing people and projects. And we eventually finalized our move to California. The Bay Area is an incredible place, with a high variety of types of people, landscapes, climate conditions, and animals. We are slowly settling into our new lives and will keep you posted on the small and the big things…

Thank you very much for following my blog and a Happy New Year!


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