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The authors of the Amsterdam City Guide put it aptly: “When it comes to traffic, you might as well call Amsterdam the Rome of the north for its weaving, seemingly lawless mass of whizzing bicycles, driven by skilled madmen who at any other time might be loving friends.” Of course, I love biking, but when I am strolling around in Amsterdam I suddenly find myself at the receiving end of bikers zooming past me. Then I remember my time as bicycle courier and the one rule for pedestrians: move predictably, i.e. continue on your current trajectory. It works :).

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2 Responses to Amsterdam

  1. robert says:

    Expecting pedestrians to follow a rule they may not be aware of is risky, though 🙂
    And even if they do, I’ve found that systems with more than 2 pedestrians, even if following your rule, cannot be evaluated in-time.

  2. Andi G. says:

    Indeed! It took me the better part of a year of traversing a pedestrian zone dozens of times per day to get a feel for pedestrian movements.

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