Elk in series

[audioslideshow-content imageurls=”http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9879.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9881.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9895.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9898.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9904.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9928.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9986.jpg 6 http://www.andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/animals/img_9994.jpg 6″ soundtrack=”Marcel_Pequel_-_09_-_Nine.mp3″]

Here are the elk in series. Hit play to see them all. The soundtrack is the same as in “Going South” (Nine by Marcel Pequel). Shut off the music by hitting the “sound off” button next to the play button.


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2 Responses to Elk in series

  1. md says:

    These captures are so great. Thanks for sharing

  2. Andi G. says:

    Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! Glad you like them!

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