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I spent the past two days scouting north of the bay. On Monday night I camped at Lake Berryessa in Napa County. As I arrived there after dark, I had no idea how scenic this area actually was. I had read some reports about the hikes in this area and had decided to take the Stebbins Cold Canyon Trail up to some promising mountain tops, from which I wanted to get a good view of the lake and its surroundings. When I started the hike it had just begun to drizzle heavily, but my hope was that (1) it would brighten up at some point, and (2) further up the mountains the conditions would be better.  During the climb it was actually nice to be kept cool by the rain, but when I reached the first peak and waited for better conditions, the strong wind chill worked like a dimmer switch for my mood. Well, until I saw the first rays of sunshine tearing through the dark cloud layer. Then the only problem was to keep the drizzle off the lens for long enough to be able to take the shot.


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