Going South

[audioslideshow-content imageurls=”http://andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/going-south-i/set1_1_small.jpg 16 http://andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/going-south-i/set1_2_small.jpg 16 http://andreasgros.net/wp-content/gallery/going-south-i/set1_3_small.jpg 16″ soundtrack=”Marcel_Pequel_-_09_-_Nine.mp3″]

On Wednesday, as I was waiting for the sun to finally penetrate the looming high fog, I saw many groups of brown pelicans passing by along the shore. They were all flying south. So I found myself a nice spot on a quiet beach and took pictures of passing groups of pelicans. After this set, I will post some of the others as well later this week. Please click on the “play” symbol on the lower left beneath the image to hear some music with it and to see the other pictures.

The soundtrack is from the Free Music Archive and it’s called Nine by Marcel Pequel.

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2 Responses to Going South

  1. Frida says:

    Beautifully done!

  2. Andi G. says:

    Thanks a lot, Frida!

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