Mountain Nyala

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A strong male mountain nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni). I was actually trying to sneak up on another male when this one did a jack-in-the-box and popped up his head from behind a bush. I had clearly invaded his comfort zone, but because he hadn’t seen me getting close, he didn’t know if he had wandered into mine. And indeed, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable, too, despite being usually very comfortable in close proximity to large animals, but he was about triple my weight and managed to convey that he knew how to use his head gear. Eventually, we slowly circumnavigated one another while keeping a close eye on each other. When I was finally out of his way to the closest shelter among some nearby trees, he resolutely stalked away, checking every now and then that I wasn’t following him. I took this picture on our way out of the Bale Mountain National Park. I put some more pictures from Bale into the Africa gallery (of warthogs, more nyalas, and some farmers).

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