Taking off

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This will be my last shot from Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. It was also one of the last pictures I took in the park. Fortunately, just before he took off in sneak-mode, the leopard paused briefly halfway down the tree to check the best route out of the tangle of safari cars. I put some more Samburu pictures into the Africa gallery. We spent the past couple of days in beautiful Harar province in the east of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, in the more rural areas internet access was very erratic, and very rarely possible at all, hence the lack of updates. Tomorrow we’ll be heading to the Bale Mountains and are looking forward to see some more wildlife. However, we don’t expect the internet connectivity to be great there either.

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2 Responses to Taking off

  1. Shermin says:

    Slinky, almost a cartoon.

  2. Frida says:

    One of the most graceful animals on the earth, they move so smoothly.

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