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Last Sunday we hired a car and guide Samy, who also acted as our driver, and made our way to Samburu National Reserve, a small, but beautiful park a few hours north of Nairobi. We are very fortunate to have a friend who does research on elephants and through her we could establish contact with Shifra Goldenberg, an elephant researcher in Samburu who kindly took us under her wings and taught us about elephants. Shifra works with Save the Elephants, a project that aims at protecting and studying elephants. Through her we learned a lot about these elegant giants, their group structures, and their routines. She could identify most of the individuals we encountered (elephants’ ears are like our fingerprints) and was able to tell us more about their age, their offspring, and which group they usually hang out with. The groups got names like The Hardwoods, The American Indians, or The Royals. It was amazing to see these enormous beasts in real life. One passed our car so close that she could have easily reached into the car with her trunk.
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