Kibale National Park

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We made it to Kibale National Park in Uganda. After three days in busy Kampala, with its congested streets and smog, the little resort we are at now feels like a little paradise of peace and quiet. Well, maybe not that quiet. A sweet cacophony of nature fills the air as every being tries to make itself heard, especially this moody ibis, which voices his annoyance with a surprisingly loud call. But also other birds, frogs, cicadas, and monkeys contribute to the concert. After we arrived here, we entertained two cute, little vervet monkeys and their watchful mother, who inspected us and our room through the class door. This morning the two youngsters came back with a male guardian in tow, but kept their distance. Today, we also saw a group of olive baboons that casually made its way past the camp. There’s also an African fish eagle, horn bills, at least two different kinds of king fishers, and a lot more birds that we couldn’t identify.

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