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Apologies for the recent lack of updates. The reason is that we started our move to California. However, before we will finish the move, we are going to be traveling through East Africa for two months. Here you see a map that I compiled from SRTM data. SRTM stands for Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and the data is available in 90m resolution. However, I had to reduce it to 500m resolution to make it more manageable for further processing. As final steps I applied a hillshading algorithm to make the different slopes visible and put the outlines of the countries we will visit on top of it.

We will start in Malawi and then slowly make our way north to Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, from where we will fly back. Although you see a path of straight lines on the map, this is certainly not the path along which we are going to travel. Some of the steps we will do by plane, for some we will take trains and buses.

Internet connection permitting, we will post updates about our experiences here on this site.

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