Midtown East

Last weekend we visited friends who live close to Queensboro Bridge, New York. You see part of the bridge in the foreground. On the right is Midtown East and in the back you can just about spot the Williamsburg Bridge. It was great to be in the big apple again, especially because this time we got to explore it on bicycles. We rode from Midtown to the Bronx Zoo, which is always worth a visit. And we also went to see the Loisaida Festival downtown. Despite what you see in this misty evening shot, the weather was wonderful. Hundreds of people were barbecuing in Crotona Park when we were biking back south and there was music everywhere. We also got our share of excitement, when a nice thunderstorm came crashing down on us just after Pleuni punctured her tire. Fortunately, a friendly guy from Lugo Flat Fixed took a break from servicing cars and was willing to help us out. He didn’t take any chances and put a hefty car-tire patch on it, and within ten minutes we were ready to roll again. Fortunately also that in these ten minutes the thunderstorm had spent most of its rain and we arrived only mildly wet. I can really recommend the bike path along the East River. It’s beautiful — if you don’t mind the occasional swerve around a roped-off sink hole.

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  1. Barbro says:

    Lovely photo of a great city!

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