Taken this afternoon at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. This gray heron (Ardea cinerea) came down hooting and after it landed, it turned around and got into this sun-bathing pose for about 15 minutes. It looked a bit like Kung-fu Panda’s Crane. After my visit I found out that the cemetery is one of the best birding spots in Massachusetts: http://www.mountauburn.org/2012/birdsandbirding/. I also saw mourning doves and northern rough-winged swallows, a lot of robins and grackles, as well as chipmunks, and a rabbit.

sgid: lat: 42.373712 lon: -71.140713

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  1. Great heron shot, hope to get a chance of making such a picture of a blue heron. A couple of weeks ago I made a few pictures of a blue heron looking for some food.

    if you like you can check this out robert-1968.blogspot.com

    love your blog by the way. Have a nice day and greetings from the Netherlands

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