This shot was taken at about 6:45 this morning on Nantasket Beach. As you can see from the spray, it was very windy. In fact, the wind was so strong that it blew over my tripod and I am surprised that any shot turned out to be useable. The wind took off some more degrees from the already quite frosty temperatures than I liked. Fortunately, after the experience of my last sunrise-photo trip, I had added another layer of clothes and looked a bit like the Michelin man, and as long as I had my gloves on, I was fine. Taking off the gloves to change a lens or to adjust some small knob on the camera, however, resulted in painfully cold fingers. Next time I’ll take gloves whose fingers can be easily removed and reattached, without having to take them off completely. Here’s a link to a beautiful shot that Pleuni took of me preparing to take pictures.

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