My first serious attempt of creating an HDR image: the Boston skyline as seen from a place close to Lo Presti Park. We spent almost three hours there taking pictures while waiting for the sun to set. It was nice to venture into semi-forbidden territory, which was the only way to find a good spot for putting up the tripod. The posts you see sticking out of the water are remnants from shipyards that are long gone.

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2 Responses to skyline

  1. Okan says:

    Very nice shot! it is funny though couple weeks ago I was at Piers park which is close to your spot, try to do the same thing 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    Thanks a lot! I also thought about going to Piers Park first, but I’d already read that there was a nice spot close to Lo Presti Park, so we went there. And indeed, we found a small patch where you can actually walk down to the water.

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