I have to admit that snowshoes do not belong to the most elegant type of footwear. However, they can be pretty darn practical, especially in an environment like New England. Boston does not know where to put its snow anymore — the one it’s supposed to take off the streets — and tomorrow we probably get another 30+ centimeters of the stuff. Spring can’t be anywhere near yet and we have to make the best of it. Unfortunately, the area around here is quite flat and options for fun in the snow are limited: Two weeks ago, we amused people by going cross-country skiing (on a golf course) and last weekend we went snowshoeing in a small park around the Boston Nature Center. There you can rent snowshoes for $12 per family and have fun on three trails. If you’re lucky you can observe rabbits and quite a few birds, and if you’re extremely fortunate, you’ll see a fox — probably a very well-fed one, given the abundance of little furry snacks. The only things we saw were tracks, droppings and a couple of birds, but we had fun nevertheless. It was great to be outside and enjoy the bright sunshine for a couple of hours.

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