Light and Shadow

On Sunday we went to the popular Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the weekend gathering place of art lovers, wanna-be Bohemians, just curious, and parents who hope that some ‘culture’ will rub off onto their children. It’s the same concept that some universities seem to employ with their students: put students close to books and hope that knowledge transpires from one to the other. And there were surprisingly many families with children in the MFA, which is either a sign that the museum does a good job pedagogically or that it’s a great incentive for parents that kids younger than 17 go in for free to get their kids off their screens and to show them something different. As I did not see anything that was made specifically for children, I think it’s rather the free admission for kids that’s working very well. And yes, we enjoyed it very much, too.
Oh, like the previous two, this picture was taken at the Presidio of San Francisco.

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